Certified Engines - Radiator Cooled


FD80R FD110R
Engine Power Output 50hp 87hp
Number of Cylinders 4 6
Lub. Oil Pressure 0.2 to 0.4 Mpa 0.2 to 0.4 Mpa
Alternator 12v 24v
Starting Motor Voltage 12v 24v
Crankshaft Idle Speed 750-850 rpm 750-850 rpm
Thermostat Opening Temp 82°C 82°C
Rated Speed 2900 rpm 2900 rpm
Self-priming Yes Yes
Aspiration Natural Natural
Engine Oil Grade 15w 40 15w 40

Engine Rating Baselines

Engines are rated at standard SAE J 1349 testing code. Net power rating conditions are obtained at 29.61 inches Hg (100.3 kPa) barometer (approximately 300 feet or 91.44m above sea level) and 77°F or 25°C.

A deduction of 3% from engine horsepower rating at standard SAE conditions shall be made for diesel engines for each 1000ft or 305m altitude above 300ft or 91.4m

A deduction of 1% from engine horsepower rating as corrected to standard SAE conditions shall be made for diesel engines for every 10°F or 5.6°C above °F or 25°C ambient temperature.



  • Reliable performance
  • Easily serviceable type construction
  • Accurate instrumentation facilities
  • Reduced noise level
  • Dependable controlling systems
  • Better fuel efficiency - economic fuel consumption rate
  • Efficient lubrication system
  • Cooling system designed for optimum heat transfer
  • Air intake system constructed for efficient air supply
  • Longer engine life
  • Heavy duty constuction