Engine Specification - FD50H

Sr. No Engine System System Parameters
1. Engine Basic Data
a Injection Type Direct injection
b Aspiration Natural aspiration
c Number of cylinders and its arrangement 4, Vertical inline
d Bore x Stroke 3.73 x 3.94 inch
e Total Displacement 2.81 L
f Engine rotation (view from flywheel end) Counter clockwise
g Type of combustion chamber Direct injection, square form
h Firing order 1_3_4_2
2. Engine net performance
a Rated speed 2900 rpm
b Rated power 39 hp (26.9 kw)
c Specific fuel consumption 7 kg/hr
3. Fuel System
a Injection Pump Mechanical, Multi inline fuel injection
b Fuel Specification ASTM D 975 Diesel fuel
4. Exhaust system
a Maximum exhaust gas temperature 300 to 525°C
b Max exhaust back pressure 24 inch water
5. Lubrication System
a Lub oil specification SAE 15 W 40
b Total system capacity including sump and filter 6.87 Ltr
c Maximum lub oil temperature 70 to 90°C
d Lub oil filter Spin on type
e Lub oil pressure 0.2 to 0.4 Mpa
6. Cooling System
a Maximum engine water temperature 70 to 90°C
b Raw water flow rate 7 Gpm
c Raw water maximum pressure 60 Psi
7. Electrical System
a System voltage 12 volts
b Starter motor rating 3.2 kw